Browser Hijacker

What is is a classified as a browser hijacker because of its ability to modify your browser settings without your permission. The program may not be malicious itself, but it does expose you to unsafe content, namely web pages that promote malware or virtual scams. usually comes bundled with third party software and is compatible with all Web browsers. It is very similar to other programs of this type like,, and many more.

The developers of the program seek to make profit by redirecting computer users to the pages they promote thus increasing their traffic. This activity is not beneficial to the computer user and therefore it is advisable to terminate

How did I acquire

To make it clear, users mostly install together with other freeware. If you are not careful enough when implementing free software you are very likely to end up with all sorts of unwanted and useless applications. Therefore you should always choose Advanced Installation so you can deselect all additional programs that you do not need.

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What does do? acts in the same way as other browser hijackers. It replaces your default search engine and home page. Every time you open your browser you will see page and several shortcuts to popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. You will also notice advertisements right below the search box. We do not recommend clicking on the ads as you may never be sure that they are safe. If you search for information using you will also notice that your search results have been altered to include sponsored links. Moreover, you will get interrupted in the middle of your browsing and redirected to the pages promoted by the hijacker. The program is clearly nothing but a bother and you should delete as soon as you can.

How to remove

If you want to improve your computer safety and avoid unnecessary risks you should uninstall You can do that manually or automatically. If you choose the second option you will have to download an anti-malware utility that will scan your PC, detect the threat and eliminate Alternatively, you can erase via Control Panel. Whichever option you choose you will also have to reset your browsers afterwards. Use the instructions below to complete this task. Removal

Internet Explorer

1. Open IE and tap Alt+X
2. Select Internet Options
3. Click Reset on the Advanced tab
4. Select Delete personal settings
5. Click Reset once again

Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Mozilla and press Alt+H
2. Select Troubleshooting Information
3. Click Reset Firefox
4. Confirm the action and then click Finish

Google Chrome

1. Open your browser and tap Alt+F
2. Select Settings
3. Click on Show Advanced Settings
4. Click Reset browser settings
5. Confirm the action.

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