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What is is a browser hijacker. It is similar to other browser hijackers like,, and others that all belong to the Qov6 family and are compatible with all popular browsers. Although may be presented as a regular search engine it will not provide you with fruitful results. This so-called search engine will alter your search results and provide you with links to unsafe webpages. If you want your computer to stay infection free you should remove as soon as possible.

How does work? can be downloaded from the Internet together with free software. This method is quite popular as users usually do not pay attention to the installation process. Technically, they do agree to install the program, but in reality they probably did not even notice doing so. That is why you should always be attentive when installing freeware and allow installation only of those programs that you actually need.

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If you did somehow acquire, the first thing that will happen is that it will change your homepage and default search engine like Google, Bing, etc. to You will not be able to change these settings via the Internet options. Furthermore, you will notice that various links and advertisements start appearing in your browser. The links may redirect you to corrupted websites as the is not held responsible for the content of the pages it promotes. If you do access those sites your computer may get infected by a variety of malicious software. As you can see, this browser hijacker will not be beneficial to you in any way. It may seem harmless at first, but it can actually lead to serious security risks. Therefore you should uninstall from your computer and scan it for other potential threats.

How to delete

If you do not want to run any unnecessary risks and decided to eliminate from your system we can help you with that. Hijacker’s removal can be done manually or automatically. We recommend the second option as it is more reliable. You can download a powerful anti-malware tool like SpyHunter that will remove the browser intruder and all of its components and scan your PC for other malware. It will also prevent future infections. However, if you want to get rid of manually you can use the instructions provided below. removal

Windows XP

1. Click on Start and go to Control Panel
2. Select Add or remove programs
3. Remove hijacker

Windows 7 and Windows Vista

1. Open the Start menu and select Control Panel
2. Click on Uninstall a program
3. Choose
4. Click Uninstall

Windows 8

1. Select Search at the bottom right corner
2. Type in Control Panel and click OK
3. Select Uninstall a program
4. Delete hijacker

Terminate from browsers

Internet Explorer

1. Click on Tools and then Internet Options
2. Open the Advanced Tab
3. Click on Reset
4. Check the box and click Reset again

Google Chrome

1. Click on Google Chrome menu
2. Select Tools and then Extensions
3. Remove hijacker

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on Help
2. Choose Troubleshooting Information
3. Click Reset Firefox a few times
4. Click Finish

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