Browser Hijacker Removal Tips is an annoying browser hijacker that can affect your browsers without your permission. It gets distributed together with other freeware applications. Once your computer gets infected, the hijacker modifies your browser settings.

It also causes other unwanted alterations like ads and redirects. The unwanted program can affect any popular browser, so you will not be able to avoid it after the installation is complete. Its main purpose is to boost advertising revenue by exploiting various deceptive tricks. We urge you to uninstall as soon as you can. 1 Remove

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How does work?

There are many Websearch hijackers that all act in the same manner. They enter your PC and start promoting their sponsors. is no different. It gets set as your home page and default search engine. Every time you go online you are greeted by the page that contains nothing but a search box. If you enter a query into the box, you will get redirected to Google. You could also be redirected to other less reliable sites or they may pop-up out of nowhere.

The setting modifications is just one feature of the unwanted software. Another thing that you are bound to notice is the increased amount of commercial data. You will see ads, pop-ups, banners and sponsored links no matter which page you land on. In fact, you will probably see more than one advert per site. Please note that the adverts are not all trustworthy. There is no way to know if the ads that seem so useful to you are actually legitimate. The hijacker does not endorse the content it promotes, so you click on the links at your own risk. We suggest you avoid them if you do not wish to suffer financial consequences or infect your PC with malware. As for the hijacker, you should terminate without delay.

How to remove

If you wish to eliminate from your browsers, you need to figure out which program is responsible for its appearance. It is possible that there are a few unwanted applications in your system, in which case we recommend you download a malware removal tool. The software will scan your system, detect all useless programs and delete along with them. If, however, you wish to remove manually, you can use the instructions below. To find out which application you need to uninstall in step 1, you can download the free malware scanner hosted on our webpage. Removal

Step 1: Terminate

Windows 8/7 and Vista

  • Move cursor to the bottom right/Click on Start
  • Select Settings → Control Panel/Select Control Panel
  • Choose Uninstall a program under Programs
  • Pick the unwanted application and click Uninstall

Windows XP

  • Open Start menu and click on Control Panel
  • Choose Add or remove programs
  • Click on the software and select Remove

Step 2: Delete from browsers

Mozilla Firefox

  • Alt+H → Troubleshooting Information → Refresh Firefox → Refresh Firefox

Google Chrome

  • Alt+F → Settings → Show Advanced Settings → Reset settings → Reset

Internet Explorer

  • Alt+T → Internet Options → Advanced → Reset → Delete personal settings → Reset

Download Removal Toolto remove

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