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Advices on Win32.Downloader.Gen Removal

Win32.Downloader.Gen is a generic Trojan description used by various anti-viruses to label unknown Trojan horses. The malicious program can cause a lot of damage to your PC. It could affect your system settings and functioning as well as corrupt some of your files.

Moreover, Win32.Downloader.Gen can connect to the Internet without your permission and download other malware onto your computer. It may also steal your personal details and send them to a remote server. Needless to say, you should uninstall Win32.Downloader.Gen as soon as possible.

How did I infect my PC with Win32.Downloader.Gen?

There are several ways you could have infected your computer with Win32.Downloader.Gen. You could have visited a malicious website or downloaded a fake software or a software update. It is also possible that you opened a spam e-mail and clicked on a corrupted link or downloaded the fake attachment. Trojans also tend to travel via bundled downloads of free software that you can acquire from unreliable sources. As you can see, there are various ways you could have infected your system which is why it is important to be careful when browsing the Web. Having a powerful anti-malware utility is also a major advantage.

What does Win32.Downloader.Gen do?

Win32.Downloader.Gen can cause severe damage to your PC. It may connect to remote servers to drop even more malware onto your system or send your personal details to the cyber criminals. If your private data gets stolen that could result in identity theft and serious financial losses. As for the malware, it can affect your system and your browsers. Moreover, your photos, videos, documents and other important files could be corrupted or deleted. Your computer will not work as fast as it used to, you may also experience freezes and shutdowns. In general, your PC will not function properly until you terminate Win32.Downloader.Gen.

How to remove Win32.Downloader.Gen?

Since Win32.Downloader.Gen is a malicious program we would not recommend manual removal. If you try to delete Win32.Downloader.Gen files manually and eliminate the wrong ones, you will cause even more harm to your system. That is why the optimal solution to Win32.Downloader.Gen removal is implementing a reliable anti-malware utility. With a malware removal tool you will be able to terminate Win32.Downloader.Gen and all of its components and scan your system for other malware. Your computer will also stay safe and protected from other malicious infections as long as you have the security program installed.

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