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What is Win64:Rootkit-gen?

Win64:Rootkit-gen, also known as Win64:Rootkit-gen [Rtk], is a highly damaging Trojan that enters your computer without your notice. The infection can affect all Windows operating systems and its prolonged existence can have very serious consequences like monetary loss or identity theft. You must erase Win64:Rootkit-gen as soon as you notice it inside your computer. Read the following article to find out more about this malicious infection.

Win64 Rootkit gen Remove Win64:Rootkit gen

What does Win64:Rootkit-gen do?

The minute the Trojan infiltrates your computer, it changes the host files and alters your computer’s settings. This usually results in serious performance issues which are impossible to miss. After the initial modifications, the virus will create .dll and .exe files, some additional shortcuts, and may even change the background of your desktop. You must not ignore these obvious changes, instead you need to start looking for ways to delete Win64:Rootkit-gen.

Unfortunately, Win64:Rootkit-gen removal will not be so easy, since the Trojan wreaks real havoc on your computer. Your browsers will be infiltrated and you may be prevented from using them. This way Trojan protects itself from removal. You will definitely be banned from using your security software and all related files or programs for the same reason. All in all, the whole performance of your system will be significantly poorer and the only way to change that is to remove Win64:Rootkit-gen.

How did Win64:Rootkit-gen infiltrate your computer?

There are many way this rogue could have entered your PC. It may have infiltrated your computer through instant messages or spam e-mail attachments. Both ways are often used by the developers of malicious software. Sometimes the Trojan can reach your system with a help of another malware which is already inside your computer. Since Win64:Rootkit-gen can be an indicator of additional threat in your PC, we strongly recommend to scan your entire system before performing Win64:Rootkit-gen removal.

It is also possible that you got infected with this virus after you clicked the suspicious link or visited a website that belongs to cyber criminals. Drive-by download could have been used too. Anyhow, the fact remains that your system is infected and that you need to eliminate Win64:Rootkit-gen as soon as possible.

How to remove Win64:Rootkit-gen?

We caution you against attempting to terminate Win64:Rootkit-gen manually. This job is certainly not for the inexperienced user, since one small mistake can cause even more damage to your already battered system. Instead, you should purchase a powerful malware remover and use it to uninstall Win64:Rootkit-gen. Remember that the sooner you remove Win64:Rootkit-gen, the sooner your computer will recover.

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