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Windows Secure Surfer Removal Guide

Windows Secure Surfer is a rogue anti-spyware application that you should not trust under any circumstances. The malicious software will try to convince you that your computer is severely infected and that you need to purchase the proposed anti-virus in order to clean it right away.

Do not believe anything the program claims or any fake scans that it runs, because the only purpose of Windows Secure Surfer is to extort your money and nothing more. The bogus application may also cause other problems, so you should not waste any time and terminate Windows Secure Surfer as soon as you can.

windows secure surfer removal Remove Windows Secure Surfer

How does Windows Secure Surfer work?

The main trick the rogue uses in order to convince you that your PC is full of malicious threats is the fake scanner. It supposedly scans your system and presents you with a list of infections and errors that have to be removed immediately. You will see Trojans and viruses that are not actually there. The only issue with your computer at the moment is Windows Secure Surfer itself.

The annoying application does not stop there. It also displays various pop-ups and alerts in your Task Bar claiming the same thing: your PC is infected. All of this is done to persuade you to purchase the software that is completely useless. Moreover, if you actually do buy it, you will not only waste your money, but also disclose your private financial details.

You should get rid of Windows Secure Surfer as soon as possible, because it not only provides you with misleading data, but it may also block you from accessing the Internet, so that you can not look for information on how to uninstall it. The rogue claims that the reason you can not go online is because of all the infections that you have on your PC. You really should not hesitate to delete Windows Secure Surfer before it causes any more damage.

How to remove Windows Secure Surfer?

The rogue anti-spyware is a tricky infection and for someone who has never encountered similar issues before it may look like a trustworthy program, which is clearly not the case. Before you can uninstall Windows Secure Surfer, you will have to activate it. In order to stop all the fake alerts and regain access to the Internet you can use the following activation code: 0W000-000B0-00T00-E0020. Once you do that, go online and download a reliable anti-malware utility. It will perform a real system scan, detect the infection and eliminate Windows Secure Surfer completely. You will not have to worry about similar issues again as the malware remover will not only delete Windows Secure Surfer and other threats, should there be any, but also protect your PC from future online dangers.

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