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WowCoupon Removal Tips

WowCoupon is an advertising supported program developed using the justplugit engine. Its official page does not allow the users to download this adware which means that it most probably is distributed in some clandestine manner.

The application affects all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome and that is why you will see ads generated by this software in all of them. You should be careful and not to trust this program. In fact, it would be best, if you would delete WowCoupon from your computer.

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What does WowCoupon do?

Like any other adware out there, WowCoupon generates revenue by promoting the third parties’ interests. You should also know that ad-supported programs do not hold any responsibility over the contents of the provided ads or the damage that can be done to your computer in the infected pages to which you may be directed. It means that you can easily enter a malicious website and get infected with malware. Such outcome could seriously harm your computer and result in monetary or information loss. To prevent this, you should delete WowCoupon.

WowCoupon also follows the user’s internet activities. The recorded information (IP address, browsing history, search queries, visited pages, geographical location, and so on) is used to customize the advertisements and to make them more interesting. All the pop-ups, in-text ads, banners, etc. presented to you will probably correspond to your recent search queries very well. Also, we must warn you that the application may also share this data with the third parties which we already discussed. This means that your data can reach cyber criminals and there is no saying how it may end. We really advise to get rid of WowCoupon and to preclude this possibility.

How did WowCoupon enter your system?

It seems that the creators of this adware use popular distribution method called ‘bundling’ to spread their product. It travels together with InstallRex, Vittalia and Amonetize installers. These small programs are often used to spread the pottetnially unwanted applications and thus cannot be trusted. You should also know that since these programs are capable of bundling more than one application, there might be more than one untrustworthy software in your system. After you remove WowCoupon, do not forget to erase all the associated applications too.

How to remove WowCoupon?

It seems obvious that you should delete WowCoupon from your computer. This program is completely useless, but it may seriously damage your PC. We advise to use an authentic anti-malware to eliminate WowCoupon. Your other option is to attempt to perform a manual WowCoupon removal, however we warn you that this way you may accidentally leave some parts of the application behind.

Terminate WowCoupon

Windows 8

  • Right-click on the Metro UI screen.
    In the opened pane choose All apps to access a menu.
  • Select Control Panel.
  • Move to Uninstall a program.
  • Right-click WowCoupon.
  • Click Uninstall to uninstall WowCoupon.

Windows Vista or Windows 7

  • Click the Windows logo on the Taskbar.
  • In the Start menu, choose Control Panel.
  • Click Uninstall a program.
  • Right-click WowCoupon.
  • Select Uninstall and eliminate WowCoupon.

Windows XP

  • Click the Start button on the Taskbar to open a menu.
  • Select Control Panel.
  • Double-click Add or Remove Programs.
  • In the menu on the left, click Change or Remove Programs.
  • Select and uninstall WowCoupon.

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