Remove Wsys Control Virus

Browser Hijacker

What is Wsys Control virus?

Wsys Control virus is a browser hijacker that affects all of your browsers. It modifies their settings and causes redirects to various unfamiliar pages. The program is distributed via freeware and shareware downloads. Wsys Control virus works in the same way as other programs of this type. The application is closely related to Delta Search, Qvo6 and Delta Homes. It was created to promote various webpages and generate their traffic.

The program may be advertised as something useful, but it is not. There is no reason you should keep it in your system. If you want to return to normal browsing and improve your virtual security level you should delete Wsys Control virus from your PC.

delta homes  Remove Wsys Control Virus

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How does Wsys Control virus work?

As soon as Wsys Control virus gets access to your system it changes your home and new tab pages as well as your default search engine to These settings could also be switched to, or You can not trust any of these search engines as they will not provide you with legitimate results. You will see ads and sponsored links added to your search results. Actually, you will see various ads, pop-ups and banners on any page you visit. We suggest you avoid these adverts as they may lead you to corrupted websites. Landing on a corrupted page could result in malware infection. You could also be tricked into sharing your personal data. Both of these scams could lead to financial losses. In order to prevent that from happening you should terminate Wsys Control virus.

Keep in mind that if you frequently download free software you are bound to be offered additional applications. If you do not choose Custom Installation they will be installed to your PC silently. Never rush through freeware installation if you do not want to end up dealing with potentially unwanted programs.

How to remove Wsys Control virus?

The easiest and most reliable solution to Wsys Control virus removal is implementing a powerful anti-malware application. The malware removal tool will scan your system, detect all components of the infection and eliminate Wsys Control virus completely. You will not have to worry about similar issues in the future as the security utility will keep your PC safe. Alternatively, you can uninstall Wsys Control virus yourself. First you will have to delete the program that it came bundled with. You can do that by accessing Control Panel via Start menu and choosing Uninstall a program or Add or remove programs option. Afterwards, you should also reset your browsers and edit the Target line of the browser shortcuts. Instructions on how to do that are presented below.

Wsys Control Virus Removal

Remove Wsys Control virus from Internet Explorer

  • Click on the Gear icon
  • Select Internet Options
  • Go to Advanced tab
  • Click Reset
  • Check Delete personal settings
    Click Reset

Delete Wsys Control virus from Mozilla Firefox

  • Press Alt+H to open Help menu
  • Pick Troubleshooting Information
  • Click Reset Firefox button
  • Confirm your action and click Finish

Erase Wsys Control virus from Google Chrome

  • Click on the menu and open Settings
  • Select Show advanced settings
  • Open Reset browser settings
  • Click Reset

Edit your Target line

  • Right-click the browser shortcut
  • Open Properties
  • Select Shortcut tab
  • Locate the Target line
  • Delete all symbols after “exe”
  • Click OK

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