Remove wuauclt.exe (Uninstall wuauclt.exe)


Guide on Wuauclt.exe Removal

Wuauclt.exe is a Windows Update process that checks for system updates on the Microsoft website. Wuauclt.exe runs in the background and searches for software as well as hardware updates. It is located in C:WindowsSystem32 folder. If you see that Wuauclt.exe is stored in a different folder this might a sign that your computer has been infected by malware.

Cyber criminals have been known to disguise infected files as Wuauclt.exe to prevent their malware from being detected. If your PC has been infected you will have to delete Wuauclt.exe as well as the program it came with.

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How can malware affect my PC?

Wuauclt.exe has been associated with various Trojans infections like Trojan.Agent.aiae, Trojan.Agent.afbr and many more. If your computer is infected by one of these Trojans you will definitely notice some system malfunctions. Your computer and Internet speed will considerably slow down. You may also notice freezes, crashes and shutdowns. Malicious programs are also known to corrupt system files, documents, photos, videos, etc. You may not be able to open your files or launch certain programs. In general the longer you wait to eliminate Wuauclt.exe related malware the more damage it will do. Keep in mind that if you get infected with one malicious application you are bound to be infected with more as malware usually drops other unwanted programs onto the computer.

wuauclt.exe Remove wuauclt.exe (Uninstall wuauclt.exe)

In addition to causing serious system malfunctions, Trojans can also steal your sensitive data. If cyber criminals manage to steal your private details you may suffer serious consequences. You should be especially careful with bank account related data as you could lose your money should that information be stolen. Once you notice the above described symptoms on your computer, your first priority should be to terminate Wuauclt.exe as soon as you can.

How to remove Wuauclt.exe from my PC?

It is clear that you need to delete Wuauclt.exe from your system as soon as you can if the file is related to a malware infection. The sooner you get rid of Wuauclt.exe the better. The only way to do that is be deleting the Trojan that Wuauclt.exe belongs to. You do not need to know exactly what that is. What you need to do is download and install a powerful malware removal application that will take care of your PC for you. The anti-spyware tool will scan your computer and detect all elements of the threat including Wuauclt.exe. It will then eliminate the Trojan completely. The program will also work hard to keep your PC clean and provide you with full system protection.

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