RunDLL error message Removal


What is Run DLL error message?

RunDLL files can be found on all Windows operating systems. They are related to Windows Registry and belong to the library that has important information shared by programs on your PC. RunDLL files make it possible to run Conduit plugins and execute commands. The Run DLL error message is usually related to the unsuccessful malware removal from your computer. It appears when a program cannot access the code from the library. It is always needed to remove Run DLL error message as soon as possible.

How does Run DLL error message work?

Run DLL error message may appear after incomplete removal of the Conduit Virus. If you had any kind of Conduit browser plugin (e.g. PConverter B3 Toolbar, Freecorder Toolbar, etc.) and tried to remove it manually some registry entries may have been left behind. Run DLL error message can appear because the system is trying to access a file that is either corrupted by the virus or no longer there. This is the message that may appear on your screen:

There was a problem starting
The specified module could not be found.”

As it has already been mentioned, this message usually appears because of the Conduit Virus. The main purpose of the Virus is to record your browsing habits in order to target you with advertisements that you may be interested in based on your searches. The Conduit Virus changes your browser settings and runs different processes without your knowledge. The virus can be removed via Control Panel, however, if the Run DLL error message appears it is not removed completely. You need to eliminate Run DLL error message separately.

RunDll Error1 RunDLL error message Removal

Run DLL error message is not only bothersome it is also quite harmful. As the messages keep popping up everytime you turn on your PC they can afflict your computer settings and your browsers. You should delete Run DLL error message from your computer as soon as possible.

How to uninstall Run DLL error message?

There are always two ways of eliminating a computer threat. You can either do it manually or automatically. We do not recommend performing Run DLL error message removal manually as it requires advanced computer skills and can be quite complicated. The best solution is to install a powerful anti-spyware tool like SpyHunter and let it take care of your system. SpyHunter will remove all files that may have been left by the Conduit Virus or any other malware and terminate Run DLL error message. It will also scan your PC and terminate other malicious programs should there be any. Once your computer is clean you will be able to surf the Web safely as SpyHunter will provide an ongoing system protection and prevent it from being infected again.

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