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How to Protect Your Computer from Malware

Security News

Nowadays, when it is so easy to get infected with malware, adware or some other kind of unwanted software, users should really learn to take better care of their computers’ security. It is especially important to households with children, because they usually spend a lot of time in front of PC. However, you should also considered the fact that today hackers can reach not only your computer, but also your mobile device. Since your phone doubtlessly has already been changed to mini-computer you use everyday, you must think about all the ways it can be infiltrated. Whether you open a spam email, download suspicious app, or click the eye catching ad, you always must be conscious of the fact that you can get infected with all kinds of malicious software. Continue reading

Beware of ISIS Defacements and Fake Government Sites

Security News

Internet has never been a completely safe place and if you are not careful enough, you could be tricked by one of many online scams that it contains. A relatively new fraudulent activity that you should be aware of is carried out by ISIS sympathizers. They target WordPress websites and the communication platforms of commercial entities, news organizations, religious institutions and so on. A number of domestic and international sites are attacked by the cyber criminals that exploit flaws in WordPress plug-ins. Security updates created for these vulnerabilities are already available. Continue reading

Remove Unable to connect to the proxy server error

Security News

If you see an error message that states “Unable to connect to the proxy server” appear in your browser, you may want to check your system for malware or a potentially unwanted program. There other reasons why you could be prompted with this notification like incorrectly submitted configuration settings, however, usually it has to do with the actions taken by an intrusive software that is capable of affecting your Internet browser settings. Continue reading