Start.vbs Removal


What is start.vbs?

Start.vbs is associated with minerd.exe family. Start.vbs is a visual basic file that can be executed in any Windows operating system. Start.vbs is a part of minerd.exe which means that in order to get rid of Start.vbs you will have uninstall minerd.exe. Minerd.exe is a Trojan horse. It may be installed on your computer as a PC Data App. This file is also sometimes referred to as Win32/BitCoinMiner.A. As you can judge from the name the main function of the file is to mine bitcoins. A bitcoin is a type of online currency. You can gain bitcoins by mining.

To accelerate this process cyber criminals use various methods like installing bitcoin miners onto other computers without users even knowing about it.

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The computer user himself will have no benefit from having the program on his PC. You should remove minerd.exe and thus delete start.vbs from your computer system as soon as possible.

minerd exe Start.vbs Removal

How does minerd.exe work?

Once installed onto the PC minerd.exe modifies the registry so it would not be detected by security programs. It creates various files in the AppData folder which may be hidden in certain Windows systems. It may also download and install other malware onto your computer without you even noticing it. This is quite dangerous as the application may download serious threats like Trojans, worms, keyloggers and other harmful programs that can cause severe damage to your PC. Not to mention that you could also lose your personal data which may lead to financial losses.

Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure that minerd.exe does not get access to your PC if you download and install freeware from unreliable sources. Even if you read all information provided and choose Custom Installation you will still not be informed of minerd.exe. That it why it is always better to acquire software only from webpages that are trustworthy.

How to uninstall start.vbs?

As it has been stated above, in order to remove start.vbs you need to completely uninstall minerd.exe. We do not recommend manual minerd.exe removal as you may not delete all the files or delete something you should not. Unless you have advanced computer and registry knowledge it is best to let anti-malware programs to delete minerd.exe. A malware removal tool, such as Spyhunter, will be able to detect and terminate start.vbs and other minerd.exe files. Once the removal is complete you will be sure that your computer is safe and clean. It will also stay that way in the future as the anti-spyware tool will protect it against other online threats.

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