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Remove Popular Screensavers Toolbar


What is Popular Screensavers Toolbar?

Developed by MindSpark, Popular Screensavers Toolbar is a potentially unwanted application similar to BringMeApps toolbar, CitySearch Toolbar, ConservativeTalkNow Toolbar, and some other programs created by the same company. The browser plug-in may seem malicious to some users, because it changes their browsers’ settings. However, we assure you that unlike hijackers, this software alters your home page and default search engine only when you give permission. Read this article to learn more about the application and to understand how to delete Popular Screensavers Toolbar from your computer. Continue reading

SuddenlyMusic Toolbar Removal


What is SuddenlyMusic Toolbar?

SuddenlyMusic Toolbar is a browser plugin “for musicians everywhere”. Its official website,, states that the toolbar will help you learn to play music, find sheet music and lyrics, provide you with various tips on composing and so on. The application belongs to Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. and is powered by Ask Search. SuddenlyMusic Toolbar is classified as a potentially unwanted program for several reasons. It exhibits undesirable behavior such as flooding you with unnecessary advertisements. The software is similar to other Mindspark products such as Video Scavenger Toolbar, DailyImageBoard Toolbar, BetterCareerSearch Toolbar and more. Continue reading

Remove Undeaddies Toolbar


What is Undeaddies Toolbar?

Undeaddies Toolbar is an application developed by Mindspark Interactive Network Inc. It is one of many Mindspark toolbars that are all somewhat similar. This particular one allows you to create and raise your own zombie pet. It also gives you access to other online games. Although it may seem like something entertaining, you should also know that the toolbar is powered by Ask and during its installation, you will be offered to modify your browser settings. This is why sometimes the application falls into the category of browser hijackers. If you want to restore your browsers, you will have to uninstall Undeaddies Toolbar as well. Continue reading

Remove BS Player Toolbar


What is BS Player Toolbar?

BS Player Toolbar is a browser plugin that is compatible with all popular browsers. The Community Toolbar is powered by Conduit and can be downloaded at In some cases the program also comes bundled with freeware or shareware which is usually not a good sign. BS Player Toolbar may change your browser settings without your permission. If you had no intention of installing the application you can delete BS Player Toolbar. There are several options of how you can do that all of which will be presented in the last chapter.

Continue reading

Remove iMinentSmile Toolbar


What is iMinentSmile Toolbar?

iMinentSmile Toolbar is an additional browser’s toolbar that can be especially preferred by those people who enjoy posting various smiles, emotions on e-mail letters, Facebook profile or other social networking webpages. However, you have to know that iMinentSmile Toolbar is not generated to entertain you with various emotions but to promote the traffic of some sponsored webpages. It means that every time you click on any iMinentSmile emotion you may not only help to improve the traffic of some webpages but also risk of infecting your computer even more. Keep in mind that iMinentSmile Toolbar can be distributed by potentially dangerous third-party so, all the information provided by this browser extension might be very dangerous. That’s why we recommend you to remove iMinentSmile Toolbar from your computer as soon as possible. Continue reading