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What is About Blank?

It’s not difficult to spot if your computer is infected by About Blank browser hijacker, because instead of your home page you are provided with ‘About Blank’ site. Originally, About Blank is related with Cool Web Search browser hijacker and is treated as very cunning infection because it’s extremely difficult to eliminate it. Actually, About Blank browser hijacker can cause you way more serious problems in comparison with side effects provided by other browser hijackers. Due to the fact that this browser hijacker can easily recover and cause you a lot of unexpected problems related with your computer’s safety system we are recommending you to remove About Blank as soon as possible.

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How does About Blank enter my PC?

Even if your computer is protected with quite reliable anti-virus application you have to know that some anti-virus tools are not capable to detect browser hijackers. Because of that reason you have to be exceptionally careful about downloading and installing any new program or application. It means that you have to select only those programs which are provided in the official web sites. In addition to that you have to carefully perform the installation procedure as well. It means that you must choose Advanced or Custom installation option and then read the additional information provided in the installation wizard. Keep in mind that cyber criminals can add any extra file to any stage of the installation wizard. Because of that reason you shouldn’t irrationally skip through all the stages and keep in mind that installation process is not about clicking on the ‘Next’ button as soon as possible but about familiarizing with a new application you have just downloaded.

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Why do you have to delete About Blank?

You have to know that when About Blank enters your computer, this browser hijacker literally corrupts your browsing activities. At the beginning, this intrusive application can only change your home page and search provider. After that, you can be provided by the wrong search results or redirected to other websites than preferred. In addition to that, all your browsing activities might be constantly disturbed with lots of different, irritating pop-ups and advertisements. You should know that such notifications and messages cannot only interfere your browsing sessions but also cause a potential danger to infect you computer even more. It means that with every click on any similar advertisement or notification you also face a high risk to let any potentially unwanted application to infiltrate your computer’s system. Moreover, you should also regard to the fact that all your browsing activities are being continually supervised. Even if you think that you are not facing any risk if cyber criminals know about your browsing sessions but you have to think about the possibility to be supervised when you are connecting to your bank accounts. Do you really want to risk about loosing your personal data or facing some other problems if you can just simply eliminate About Blank right now and enjoy safe work with your computer again?

About Blank removal

Due to the fact that this browser hijacker is treated as a very cunning infection we are not providing you any manual removal instructions. You should keep in mind that if you are not experienced in this sphere some irresponsible attempts to get rid of any potentially unwanted application can damage your PC’s system even more. Because of that reason we are recommending you to download reliable automatic removal tool which can help you to uninstall About Blank or any other unwanted and harmful application that might be running inside your computer.

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